The X-series are designed to be compact and robust. The watermaker is built using simple, but time-proven components, these factors combined ensure reliability of the unit.

The X model is represented in different variations with production output from 30 to 90 liters per hour. The models are available for different power sources (battery or generator): 12V, 24V and 230 or 115V.

Up on your request the watermaker can be supplied in-kit form. In this case the membranes are separated from the main body, therefore, the watermaker requires even less space to install. This makes X model perfect for small boats, yachts and other pleasure vessels with limited space to install a watermaker.

Moreover, the X-series watermaker can be supplied with a remote control panel and automatic flushing option.

CapacityModelVoltageElectricity Usage
BatterySingle Phase
30 L/hX30/1212V31A
X30/230230 or 115 V1kW
50 L/hX50/1212V31A
60 L/hX60/2424V25A
X60/230230 or 115 V1kW
90 L/hX90/230230 or 115 V1kW


Standard equipment:
  • Battery powered or generator;
  • Low pressure seawater feed pump;
  • High pressure CAT pump;
  • High rejection rate membranes;
  • 5 Micron filter;
  • High pressure safety switch;
  • Pressure regulation valve;
  • High pressure gauges;
  • Salinometer and automatic waste valve
  • Remote control;
  • Automatic flushing;
  • Sand filter;
  • In frame or kit form.