Besides providing watermakers, Holland Watermakers also produces a number of additional products. These are designed with the same care and composed to complement our package for watermakers.

ATUV (After Treatment Ultra Violet):

Related products for the treatment of drinking water in order to increase comfort and safety.

A post-treatment unit based on ultra violet is a good option in case you want to remove any undesirable taste, odor, bacteria, and in the longer term proves to be an advantageous

The ATUV series treats your drinking water in three steps:

1.Sediment filter; removed soiling which consists of solid particles.

2.Charcoal; removed undesirable taste, odor and chemical substances.

3.UV lamp; dead bacteria and micro-organisms.

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ATRU (After Treatment Remineralisation Unit):

Water coming from a reverse-osmosis water maker is very clean, even so clean that the mineral content is too low to use it for consumption. An additional disadvantage of this low mineral content water is that it is more likely to cause corrosion.

By placing a ATRU unit after the water maker, the mineral content is brought up again. Also, the unit ATRU improved taste and pH.

HFC (Hydrophore Frequency Controlled)

This frequency-controlled pressurized water system is specially designed to provide constant water pressure, even at varying water consumption.

The inverter is provided by the Active Driver. Through this Active Driver is the HFC series energy efficient, flexible, reliable and easy to use. The Active Driver is a fully integrated pump control with speed control, pressure sensor and flow sensor in a single module.