Watermakers are used a long time the inland water, these being in fact basic saltwater machines combined with a sand filter. Saltwater machines have a low efficiency of about 10%. This means that in order to produce 100 liters of clean water, approximately 1000 liters of water are needed. All this water must be filtered which leads the sand filter and the pre-filters to saturate quickly.

The IWA-serie is designed specifically for inland water. Thanks to years of development, the efficiency of IWA is way bigger than the conventional watermakers – 75%. Therefore, the sand filter and the pre-filter have a longer life and shouldn’t be replaced so frequent. The standard enclosed sand filter cleans itself fully automatically as soon as it becomes saturated.
The development of this new design is made possible using the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).
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Through the use of low-pressure membranes in combination with a centrifugal pump, represents the cheapest option from the existing salt water machines. IWA-Series is also quieter, more energy efficient and require less maintenance.

We also considered the fact that vessels have multinational crews. By default, there are three languages: Dutch, English and German. All it needs – a button press. If other languages are needed, this can be done by us.

In case something goes wrong with the machine, the screen gives advice or reference to the appropriate page in the manual. The watermaker keeps a log with the relevant information can be shared with the technician in case of malfunction. The technician can then provide remote assistance.

The operation of the IWA watermaker is very simple thanks to the touchscreen and simple menu. The display indicates when the machine begins to clean itself and how much time this will take. Everything is automated. IWA-Series features a built-in cleaning tank and cleans itself automatically. Once the machine should be dry-cleaned, the display shows the process step by step.

Functionalities of the touchscreen:

• Starting and stopping production

• Automatic or manual activation of the flushing program membranes

• Automatic or manual activation of the sand filter cleaning program

• Display of error messages (low pressure, electrical fault, etc.)

• Graphical display of saturation level of the filters

• Step by step instruction of the chemical cleaning of membranes

• Institutions machine

• Logbook


CapacityModelElectricity Consumption
100 l/hIWA-1001,2 kW
200 l/hIWA-2001,2 kW
300 l/hIWA-3001,2 kW
Standard package

• Lightweight frame with  a powdrecoated body
• 7” touchscreen
• Filmtech membrans
• 5 en 25 micron pre-filters
• Automatically self-cleaning sandfilter
• Built-in cleaning tank
• Lift pump


• Maintenance Package
• Installation Package
• Start, stop function according to tank level
• Remote control