The ECO-series consists of a number of compact models with capacities ranging from 35 to 105 liters per hour. Principles in the development of this series: as compact as possible, low power consumption and low noise.

Due to its ingenious design, a high pressure pump is unnecessary. This allows the ECO series to have a very low power consumption and silent operation.

The absence of a high-pressure pump, such as those used in conventional water makers, made the machine more compact. This also provides a variety of installation options. Thus, it is possible to build the ECO series in landscape, portrait and even upside down. Due to these properties, the ECO-series is well suited for ships with limited installation space.
The machine automatically adjusts itself to the pressure depending on the water composition and temperature. This makes the machine extremely easy to use and maintain.

The ECO is available as a base model (ECO../..) and a larger model (ECO../.. A) with salinity measurement.

CapacityModelVoltageElectricity Consumption
35 L/hECO 35/1212 V12A
ECO 35/12A
ECO 35/2424 V6A
ECO 35/24A
65 L/hECO 65/1212 V25A
ECO 65/12A
ECO 65/2424 V12,5A
ECO 65/24A
105 L/hECO 105/12A12 V34A
ECO 105/24A24 V17A


Standard equipment:

• Installation Package
• 5 micron filter
• Filmtec membrane
• High pressure pump 12V or 24V
• Automatic pressure control
• Overpressure protection

Optional for all models:

• Maintenance package

Optional for ECO-A models:

• Automatic flush function
• Remote control