D-series watermakers are meant to satisfy customers with the professional needs. D series consist of several model ranges:

  • D15-55 – watermakers capable to produce from 1.5 to 5.5 cubic meters of fresh water in 24 hours. Models of this range are perfect for professional vessels of small tonnage: fishing, patrol, offshore service vessels.
  • D50-500 – model range designed for larger, medium tonnage vessels, capable to produce from 50 to 500 cubic meters per day. These watermakers will fulfill requirements of tuna vessels, yachts, offshore structures, etc.
  • D50-320D – two units within D50-320 range can be combined on one skid in order to double the production. These watermakers can produce up to 64 m³ of fresh water in 24h. Such units can work simultaneously or alternate. This solution is targeted at super- and mega-yachts.

All D series watermakers share the same design idea: compactness and modularity. The units are perfect for installation on existing ships, modular design brings much more installation options compared to the traditional one-piece design.


  • Easy transport and installation due to compact dimensions;
  • On-site modular assembly;
  • Available electricity reduction option with ECO option;
  • Supplied with sand filter- inland application possible.



CapacityModelPower supplyWatermaker’s weightSand filter weight
1,5 m3/24hD153 kW120 kg125 kg
3 m3/24hD30125 kg
4,5 m3/24hD45130 kg
5,5 m3/24hD55140 kg
5 m3/24hD507 kW230 kg220 kg
8 m3/24hD80250 kg
12 m3/24hD120270 kg
15 m3/24hD1509 kW300 kg
20 m3/24hD200320 kg
27 m3/24hD27011 kW355 kg
32 m3/24hD320390 kg
40 m3/24hD40017 kW500 kg
50 m3/24hD500580 kg
TWIN Modification
2×5 m3/24hD50-D2×7 kW970 kgBuilt-in
2×8 m3/24hD80-D1000 kg
2×12 m3/24hD120-D1030 kg
2×15 m3/24hD150-D2×9 kW1070 kg
2×20 m3/24hD200-D1100 kg
2×27 m3/24hD270-D2×11 kW1170 kg
2×32 m3/24hD320-D1240 kg